Thursday, May 17, 2018

KJB Security Products Names Pat Palmer as Sales Manager


Jill Johnston | President & CEO
KJB Security Products, Inc. 
[email protected]

KJB Security Products Names Pat Palmer as Sales Manager

Pat Palmer brings 20 years of Industry Experience to KJB Security Products.

Pat Palmer
Nashville, TN, May 16, 2018—KJB Security Products announced today that Pat Palmer has been named Sales Manager. Palmer will be focusing on business development, with his longstanding reputation and contacts in the industry. His personal attention to detail from manufacturing to distribution has been the key to his success. Palmer is experienced in every aspect of brand creation, quality assurance, custom packaging, importation, marketing and distribution of security products. Most recently the vehicle surveillance industry has been a focal point for him.

“I’m excited to bring Pat Palmer on board. Pat has been a friend and longtime customer for 15 years. His knowledge and time in the industry will benefit KJB for long range growth.”–Jill Johnston, President & CEO of KJB Security

Pat Palmer is an entrepreneur who has founded several companies specializing in surveillance and counter surveillance. His clients are located around the globe and include government agencies, major corporations, and private individuals with unique security requirements. You would be hard pressed to find a US government agency that he hasn't served over the last 18 years.

KJB will be benefitting long term with Pat Palmer in the fold. Palmer started with a simple goal nearly 20 years ago, to protect children and elderly. Over many years that goal has expanded to include surveillance devices for clients in many countries with diverse needs. He personally has traveled to many countries to meet directly with potential clients. Like Palmer, KJB Security has a passion for helping protect what matters most to you by providing personal and professional security, surveillance and tracking solutions.

For additional information, please contact: 
Jill Johnston | President & CEO
KJB Security Products, Inc.
[email protected]

KJB Security Products has over 25 years of experience as the leading wholesale manufacturer and distributor of Personal & Professional Security, Surveillance and Tracking Solutions. KJB a female-run small business was named the North American Distributor for LawMate International Co. Itd in 2015. Our Global Network has distributed to retail and government agencies all over the world spanning all seven continents. KJB Security has been a pioneer and innovator of American Made hidden camera and security equipment and is the oldest covert camera manufacturer in the USA. As the creators of our innovative SluethGear & iTrail product lines, they are designed and assembled here in Nashville, TN. Our innovative security & tracking products are only half the story, KJB prides itself on same day dealer solutions & excellent customer service and tech support for our 800+ global dealer network. Protect what matters most to you. 


Tuesday, May 15, 2018

5 Reasons to Choose Cloud Storage for your Hidden Cameras

5 Reasons to Choose Cloud Storage for your Hidden Cameras

KJB Security will soon be one of the first hidden camera manufacturers in the world to provide Cloud storage for video recording (CVR). We are thrilled to be pioneers of this new frontier! As a company we have proven our commitment over the years to providing the highest quality and most advanced hidden camera technology and innovation. 

Here’s why you’ll want to sign up for this new Cloud storage solution for your Hidden Camera system as soon as it becomes available! 

1. Cloud storage gives you easy access to your footage from anywhere in the world at any time.

Need to share covert video files quickly with your investigation team? Now you can have access to your footage from anywhere at any time and share it with anyone thanks to cloud storage. All you need is Wi-Fi to quickly and easily access your important security footage. And better yet… you can access live video footage from your phone or tablet with just a few taps. 

2. Cloud storage protects your hidden camera footage from damage, loss, corruption.

There are many good reasons why SD card storage is a convenient storage solution. You can quickly and easily transport and share them. The downside to these convenient little files is that it’s a physical item. If anyone finds or takes it, your camera and the evidence is now gone. Not to mention, the physical property can be accidentally or intentionally destroyed or badly damaged often during transport or within the camera system. Cloud storage eliminates this risk by sending your footage directly to a safe and secure storage facility somewhere in the US.    

3. Cloud storage makes hidden camera footage more secure.

Open up your browser to the latest news headline and chances are you’ll see the word hacker. Computer hackers are just waiting to terrorize your home computer or business IT system. Hackers have cost businesses billions in revenue year after year. According to this CNBC article 14 million US businesses are at risk of a hacker threat. Cloud storage provides a layer of protection and security for your highly valuable personal, business or investigative convert video files. Plus, our account based app creates a double layer of security. No one can see your recording without your password.

4. Cloud storage gives you more space for your security footage.

Hidden camera video footage can take up quite a bit of storage space. The hidden cameras send footage to the cloud every time motion is detected. Often corporate, private or police investigations can take months or years to complete. With cloud recording, you will be able to store more recordings than ever before. We will have a few storage options available to fit every budget. You choose the amount of data stored in the cloud when you choose your subscription plan. 

5. KJB Security gives you 30 days of free storage.

That’s right. We’re giving you a chance to date your cloud storage before you put a ring on it… so to speak. We will still have the card storage option available for those who don’t feel like Cloud storage is the right solution (even after reading all the information above). But for those who are ready to go for it, we’re giving you 30 days of free storage! 

Hopefully, after reading about the benefits of cloud recording, you’re now ready to sign up. Be the first to switch to the cloud for SG Home CVR Wi-Fi Hidden Cameras. With new technology comes new forms, with the new SG Home CVR line we have a bunch of new hidden cameras that will blend seamlessly into your environment. We promise… you will be the first to know it has arrived!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

From Single Car to Small Fleet: Easy Mileage Tracking for Taxes

Tax time can be stressful if you haven’t been keeping up with your documentation all year long. Searching through your finances, trying to find receipts, figuring out how many miles on your car were for work, it can turn into a huge ordeal and a lot of time. We wanted to make this year and every other tax season a little bit easier for you when it comes to getting your mileage deduction.

Our iTrail GPS offers a handful of different solutions from real-time to passive GPS systems that best meet your needs when it comes to tracking. Whether you are self-employed or a business owner with fleet vehicles we have the solution for you. Keeping track of your mileage for business can be frustrating and hard to keep up with daily. Most of us end up guessing on this deduction every year and we may be losing out and not getting our full deduction. Time is money and now you can spend less of it worrying about your taxes.

When getting your mileage deduction you can either submit your actual vehicle expenses if you kept a detailed mileage log or you can use the Standard Tax Deductible Mileage Rates for a Car, Van, Pickup Truck or Panel truck during 2017. There are 3 standard types of mileage deductions you can make for 2017, Business Purposes 53.5 cents per mile, Medical or Moving Purposes 17 cents per mile and Service of Charitable Organizations 14 cents per mile. 

With iTrail you can take full advantage of the tracking tool to export mileage reports to help make deduction time simpler. If you are self-employed or your company doesn’t reimburse for mileage, you can line up your business calendar with the mileage report to quickly add up and knock out your deductions.  
For business owners with a small fleet of vehicles, you can use to generate reports for each and every vehicle in your fleet to see how much mileage each vehicle is truly racking up in a year. 
The iTrail tracking tool will allow you to spend less time on your taxes and get more money in your pocket.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Women, Pioneers and Whistleblowers

Women, Pioneers and Whistleblowers

Women are pioneering the world of security and defining new ways to protect themselves. The world is changing and the feeling of privacy and safety along with it. Inspirational women are taking back the power to ensure other women can feel the same sense of security in their life. Here are some of the women and businesses making a difference, pushing the boundaries of the status quo and blowing the whistle on injustice.

1. Women make up half of the workforce, while they still shockingly only make up about 11% of cybersecurity jobs but that doesn’t stop them from seizing the opportunity to take on a high-profile role in the industry. Why are there still so few of them? Today women are continuing to push for progress in the male dominated field and represent a mix of researchers, chief information security officers, executives, and top government cyber security leaders. Women are making an impact all over the world in cybersecurity by empowering women with a Voice, Vision and Innovation. IBM hosts a global cyber day for girls every year to educate women of all ages about what cybersecurity is, how it’s rapidly affecting our world and what women can do to help change it. #IBMCyberDay4Girls
2. Hyphen-Labs is a young women of color collective made up of scientists, architects, engineers and designers from around the world who’ve brought fashion to the forefront of surveillance. The line was designed to protect those wearing it—focusing on women of color. The idea behind the body worn technology is to empower and protect women in the field, whether they’re activists, whistleblowers or just living their everyday life. Security is important, our identity is important. The prototype fashion wearables debuted at the 2017 South by Southwest Conference.

Some of the pieces highlighted were a pair of oversized “door knocker” earrings with hidden cameras and microphones used to record during any kind of altercation or unwanted interaction at the touch of a button.

Ruby Cam Earrings
Hyphen-Labs | NSAF | Michelle Cortese
The sun visor was made with reflective material to deflect any unwanted gazes and to protect the identity of the person wearing it.

Scatter Viz, Sun Visor
Hyphen-Labs | NSAF
The most innovative body worn counter surveillance piece was the pink and purple silk scarf. Hyphen-Labs partnered with Adam Harvey, an American artist living in Berlin to bring the HyperFace Scarf to life which camouflages the wearer from facial recognition software, the kind used by social media, online retailers, law enforcement and the military. The scarf’s fabric is designed with 1,200 pixelated faces meant to mislead computer algorithms.

HyperFace Scarf
Hyphen-Labs | NSAF | Adam Harvey
The scarf was designed for women activists during protests. With enough people wearing it, it could break the system. Adam is now working with the collective to bring forth more innovative covert designs. Unfortunately, all of these products are prototypes and not out on the market, but we look forward to their fashionable body-worn counter surveillance gear.

3. More than ever women are standing up and fighting for what’s right in the world we live in. Whistleblowing can be life-changing, life-defining and comes with a great personal risk for the individual, so know your rights. We have seen heroic whistleblowers wearing hidden cameras to uncover the dark truths of this world like sexual harassment in the #metoo movement. By sharing their story and speaking up, they are exposing the cultural bias that will change our society - and hopefully for the better. 
With a female executive at the helm, KJB Security salutes women who have pushed boundaries to increase safety for everyone. We may not be on the front line with these women but we can certainly be counted on to provide reliable covert surveillance equipment to help them make an impact. 

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Love Lost: KJB Security’s Guide To Catching A Cheating Spouse Guide

The partner you pledged your love to all those years ago is working late...again. You have this uncomfortable feeling deep inside that you don’t want to admit could be true. Unfortunately, the intuition that your spouse may be cheating is something you should pay attention to.

Adultery, affair, cheating, infidelity… there are many ways we label this sad and often devastating relationship situation. It’s still a common occurrence in the US and around the world. According to this Business Insider article, in a 2015 study published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, university students estimated that the average person of the opposite sex has about a 42% chance of cheating on their partner.

Many people have been down this powerless and scary path. It’s time to take back your power. We believe you can feel more empowered and informed by using a few security devices to uncover the truth, move through the process and safely into your next steps

Here are some security solutions to help you determine if your gut feeling is true, to help you heal and move forward in your new single life… securely.

Getting confirmation

SG Home hidden cameras can help you confirm that gut feeling you’ve had for a while. Our hidden cameras fit right into the surroundings of your home, business or vehicle. Here are a few we recommend:

Our DVR Car Charger Hidden Camera is the perfect device for covert surveillance in your vehicle.

Give your cheating spouse a new plant for the office. With this unsuspecting plant camera, they will never guess that someone is watching from miles away. This camera is fully equipped with our SG Home Wi-Fi camera system and uses our free SG Home App. Get alerts if the camera senses any activity or you can watch live video on your phone or tablet anytime you need to check in.

The idea that your spouse may be doing the deed in your own home is unthinkable. But unfortunately, it happens. That’s where our best selling SG Home smoke detector with Wi-Fi can come in handy in your quest for confirmation. Using the SG Home free app and Wi-Fi you can virtually access live video from anywhere on your smartphone or tablet.

Suspect you’re being watched?

Once you’ve determined you don’t want to be in a relationship with someone who cheats, the process to detangle begins. The divorce process can get messy and bring about levels of distrust you’ve never seen before. In fact, YOU could become the one who’s being monitored. KJB Security has DIY and professional level counter-detection devices to help you determine if this is happening. Here are a couple we recommend:

Camera Finder with RF Detector- Need to find a hidden camera? This easy-to-use and inexpensive little spy finder device will do the job.

iProtect RF Wireless Signal Detector Wand - This detection wand easily fits in your hand to conceal action while sweeping for bugs of different types. Use this handy device for more sophisticated DIY detection.

Tools for Collecting evidence

Our Super Slim Pen Voice Recorder can come in handy (in many ways) when building your case against a cheating spouse. The world's slimmest pen voice recorder comes with a secret activation switch and a very sensitive internal microphone to capture even the faintest of sounds. Use the voice recorder pen to take notes in meetings with attorneys, save your friend’s advice or to make notes to yourself when needed. We’re sure you can come up with even more ways to use this handy covert digital voice recording pen.

Staying safe on the other side of relationship

You’ve finalized your permanent separation or divorce from your cheating spouse or partner and are now learning how to do life alone again… at least for a while. You’re determined to heal and find happiness before taking the leap into another relationship.

Living alone can be a scary thought, especially if you’ve found yourself with the solo task of keeping your children safe. We have a few products to recommend for this time in your life. These products can give you the peace of mind and additional layer of security so you can relax and enjoy your new independent life.

Wi-Fi Smart Home Doorbell Camera- So you and/ or your children will never open the door to a stranger again.

DIY Smart Home Kit- Super quick and easy to set up, this smart-home kit is the perfect cost-effective security solution for your new home, apartment or condo. There are no monthly alarm monitoring fees as you can self-monitor with app notifications on your smartphone or tablet.

We hope these ideas will help you feel more empowered in your journey through the pain of infidelity and on the other side. We’re here to help you take back the power and securely find your way to happiness and healing on the other side! Let us know if you need any help finding the products mentioned above!

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