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Zone Shield 4K Air Purifier DVR

Item# SC91094K

Designed for any interior room, this Air Purifier Hidden Camera features 4K video resolution with built in DVR recording system. The functional air purifier is powered by an AC cable making powering the camera a non-issue, just plug it in and begin recording.


Zone Shield 4K Night Vision Oscillating Fan DVR

Item# SC82004K

4K - Covertly designed to be a fully functioning fan, it is equipped with a HD night vision camera and DVR. The fan's oscillation expands the camera's field of view which can record action up to 20 feet away in near darkness.


Zone Shield 4K Outdoor Power Strip DVR

Item# SC95304K

Set up a permanent stake out using the first outdoor Zone Shield 4K DVR hidden camera. Plug this power strip outlet hidden camera into any nearby electrical outlet and receive continuous power, 4K resolution, and your choice of recording features contained in a water resistant, completely hidden, camera design.