How to Find a GPS Tracker Hidden in Your Car

KJB Security Blog

A recent candid conversation with a couple of mechanic friends revealed that they find GPS trackers attached to cars in for repair more often than you would think. And the owners of these vehicles are almost always completely unaware. As you might imagine this situation can result in family strife. . .or be because of it: usually the tracked individual was also suspected of cheating on a spouse. If you suspect your vehicle might be giving away our whereabouts here are a few steps to search for a GPS tracker on your car. 

Step One: Invest in a reliable GPS Detector like the iProtect Digital RF DetectorAll GPS tracking devices transmit radio frequency (RF) signals. Stay away from cheaper devices that advertise themselves as 'GPS hunters' as these tend to only have the ability to find wi-fi or Bluetooth signals, neither of which are used by actual GPS tracking devices. 

Step Two: Plan to drive the vehicle in your search. The GPS Tracker needs to be transmitting to be found. Since trackers are usually motion activated, meaning they don't begin sending an RF signal until they detect motion, you will need to 'wake up' the device with motion to find it. Because the GPS signal detector can only detect when the tracker is transmitting you will need to create some motion. Drive the car about five minutes then begin your search. As you move your detection device around the vehicle you will hear a sound alarm or see the signal strength increase as you bring it near the hidden GPS tracker. You may need to move the vehicle a few times to do a thorough search.

Step Three: Focus on where in the car the tracker might be hidden. The diagram below outlines some of the common places GPS trackers might be placed in a vehicle. When checking the exterior of your vehicle pay close attention to the steel frame and wheel wells as these are some of the easiest places to attach a GPS tracker when the assailant doesn't have very much time.

where to search for a tracker diagram

Step Four: Confirm the location of the GPS tracking device. Once you think you have located the GPS tracker, you can use a visual search or manual search to confirm its presence. Look for any small, black rectangular boxes with blinking lights or small antennae that could indicate the presence of a GPS tracker. When found, they typically use magnets to mount to a frame or underside of the vehicle. Simply pull it off to remove it.


With a little patience you can find out if your location is being tracked with a secret GPS device. Once you find the tracker and remove it, it's your choice to go to the police with it or ask your spouse if they have any explaining to do.