New in 2024: SleuthGear Hidden Cameras Redesigned for Better Consumer Experience

KJB Security Blog

Our SleuthGear line of hidden cameras now features modular enclosed housing for camera, power supply and memory cards. Cameras and PIR sensors are now enclosed inside each hidden camera form. Velcro strips hold batteries in place while a simple, one step plug connects the battery to the camera and PIR. 

SleuthGear Rock plug in

Most consumer electronics are designed without any thought to the interior components. But when a household item like a clock or fan is opened up to access a built-in hidden camera, customers suddenly see all those glue joints the original manufactures didn’t bother to hide. In the past this caused concern with some SleuthGear customers. After spending a few hundred dollars on a camera, it’s no wonder they’d expect it to look like an iPhone inside and out. While glue joints and errant wires don’t affect the function of a hidden camera, it can affect the confidence a consumer has in a brand - especially when that consumer is counting on a hidden camera to solve a devastating problem like abuse or adultery. 

It was from this realization that the new modular components of our SleuthGear cameras were designed. Each housing for the camera, memory card, PIR sensor and battery is designed and 3D printed in our Nashville, TN warehouse. This local quality control ensures that, when a SleuthGear camera comes out of its shipping box, within minutes a customer can have it set up and powered on.