How to stop your phone from spying

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Cyber security is a must in today’s world. When you think of cyber security you may only think of your emails or internet scams. In our world we also need to think of mobile phones as basically minicomputers, and they are big threat to your privacy.

Obviously, mobile phones have an infinite number of benefits for communication and business; however, they also create certain threats of private or trade secrets information being leaked. One of the potential leakage channels is the phone's microphone as it can pick up conversations without anyone’s knowledge. 

One of the more brazen or large attacks come from spyware that is loaded on your cell phones.

Case in point is Pegasus spyware, designed by the Israelis cyber arms company NSO Group this spyware can be installed on many versions of iOS and Android operating systems, Pegasus is capable of reading text messages, tracking calls, collection passwords, location tracking, accessing the targeted devices microphone  and cameras as well as harvesting information from apps.  (source

Another point is Smartphone apps which have access to the phone's microphone can be used for eavesdropping in cases of them having been hacked (usually messengers or social network apps) There are known cases of transmission of such software exploiting the vulnerabilities of some messengers app.

What can you do to protect your company and yourself from people persons or countries…?

One easy step is to always ask for people to deposit their cell phones outside of your meeting or you can use noise generator systems to help block out any conversations. Our Favorite is the Summit – Multi Phone safe, its easy to use and can hold multiply phone in one device. The Summit Protects important or sensitive conversations from eavesdropping. 

All you do is put the cell phone in the device and turn it on. No recording can be made as the device emits ultrasonic interference (white noise). You can also get one for single phone use Phone safe Ultra.

Both Devices  prevent acoustic (voice/Conversation) information from leaking, regardless of how it is listened to or transmitted.