Law Enforcement Detective Reviews iTrail GPS Tracker

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We've long said that our GPS tracking is the superior solution for law enforcement tracking needs. This summer we received the follow review from Detective Jon Shepherd with the Metro Nashville Police Department. His positive experience with iTrail Endurance says it all. From Mr. Shepherd:

I’m currently assigned to the Criminal Investigations Division with Metro Nashville Police Department. I primarily focus on under cover operations that frequently require the tracking of suspects in order to gain intelligence for the furtherance of my cases. In the past, I have used GPS tracking devices with court ordered authorization. The products I have used in the past are often unreliable, expensive, and have very limited battery performance. Recently, I was afforded the opportunity to pilot a new GPS tracking device for my department. I met with Chad Kozlowski at KJB Security Products who listened to my specific needs and any concerns I have had with prior product experiences. Chad was able to address those problems I have faced in the past by recommending the iTrail Endurance GPS tracking device by KJB Security. It was affordable and appeared to be exactly what I needed for my investigation.

The device itself is durable with a strong magnetic pull. It is very simple to configure with use of the related phone application. The app is user friendly and has a variety of settings that make the device customizable. There are a wide variety of options for push notifications such as when the vehicle that the tracker is attached to starts, idles, parks, and so many more. Another great feature is the “SOS” capability that will send notification once the tracker has been detached from its position and the light sensor triggers detection. Other useful features of the app is real-time tracking and display of the GPS ping which is integrated with Google Maps. You can receive GPS coordinates as well as turn-by-turn directions to where the tracker is located, all in real time. In addition, there is the ability to to create reports of the tracking history and export them to several file types, such as Microsoft Excel.

Finally, the most impressive feature in my opinion is the excellent battery life. I have actively been using the device for well over a month and have lost very little battery. Other units I have used in the past will quickly reduce the battery life if real-time tracking is viewed by the user. With the product provided by KJB Security, that is not the case. This dramatically cuts down the need to service the device after it has been attached, providing the user with confidence that tracking can be sustained for a long period of time.

I have already recommended the use of iTrail to my Department’s Technology Support Unit and have urged them to exclusively purchase this product in the future. Thanks KJB Security for an excellent solution for my GPS tracking needs.

Respectfully, Det. Jon Shepherd, Metro Nashville Police Department, Criminal Investigations Division

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