Most Common Questions about Personal Detection: How Do I Make It Work?

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We're often asked versions of the same questions about our detectio devices like the DD1206, DD1207, and DD1216. The questions essentially boil down to "does it work?", "how does it work?" and "what makes it better than a different (or cheaper) detection device?" Using the DD1206 as our example we've answred those questions in a three part blog series. This week we tackle. . .

How Do I Make My Personal Detection Device Work?

A befuddled user recently left the comment "it found my roomate's cat!" It turns out the cat was not a 007 but instead sitting near the roomate's router. We live in a crowded RF environment as more devices than you would think use some sort of wireless protocol to function. It order to do the most effective scan you need to turn off all safe and known RF devices so that your detection device can only 'see' possible spies. Safe RF devices include phones, routers, cable boxes, smart speakers (like Alexa), smart doorbells, smart appliances (like Samsung fridges), TVs, remotes, computers, printers, and scanners. Turning off safe devices ensures a clean environment to perform your search.  Many times our customer service line gets call from a user saying the unit is 'picking up everything.' 99.9 % of the time this turns out to be a user that didn't take 20 mins to make sure all their functioning RF devices were turned off. The DD1206 and other products like it will see any RF signal... it's up to you make sure the one it sees is not underneath Fluffy.