RF Detectors For Personal and Business Protection

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RF Detectors For Personal and Business Protection

Radio Frequency (RF) detectors are devices that check for the presence of radio frequency waves in an environment. Some common uses include:

Search for hidden listening devices:
A hidden listening device, or bug, can be disguised inside a lamp, hidden on a bookshelf or tucked into a plant stand. However an RF detector will signal when it senses unusual RF activity, and beep or click as it gets closer to that activity. Then a physical search of the suspicious location can reveal if someone really has been spying on your conversations.

Search for hidden cameras:
Cameras hidden in your home, hotel room, Air BnB rental or office space can transmit video over wi-fi to a waiting smart phone. If you suspect that someone is spying on you use a RF detector to search for the presence of unusal wi-fi activity. Like when search for hidden bugs, the RF detector will beep or click when it gets near the hidden camera.

Search for GPS monitoring devices:
If you suspect that someone has been following you or its just too much of a coincidence that a certain individual keeps turning up in the same place at the same time it could be because they are tracking your vehicle. While that's a disconcerting notion it is easily determined with an RF detector. The RF detector can search for devices transmitting wi-fi or GPS signals from your vehicle.

RF Detectors for Everyday Use
If you sell wholesale spy equipment online and would like to offer security and surveillance to your privacy minded customers then consider adding these popular wholesale RF detectors to your product mix:

Concealable Wand
It is small enough to fit into your pocket, which makes it portable. It's battery power is 20 hours. It contains three types of alert modes (normal, vibrating and loud audio).

RF Wireless Signal Detector by iProtect
This type of RF detector has an antenna on top of it to catch RF signals in crowded environments. It protects you from all kinds of digital, analog, WiFi or cellular threats. You can keep a different signal for each alert so only you know the meaning of it.

Handheld RF Signal Detector
It is very small and, like the wand, it can be fitted into a purse or pocket. Try both analog and digital detection to see what suits you better. It is a cellular and audio bug detector. It searches for the target that gives off the signals so a hidden camera or audio bug can be located and then disabled.

Professional Digital RF Detector
This detector not only detects cameras but also Bluetooth, WI-FI and other devices that generate RF signals to ensure complete privacy. It pinpoints the exact source of the signals. You can also change its notification tones such as silent, vibration, and loud audio.

Personal Multi Bug Detector
It is a compact device that detects all sorts of threats such as audio, video, bugs, GPS, etc. Through this detector, you can protect your privacy anywhere you want to. It works with a 9V battery and does not need to be charged.