Most Common Questions about Personal Detection: Does it work?

KJB Security Blog
We're often asked versions of the same questions about our detection devices like the DD1206, DD1207, and DD1216. The questions essentially boil down to "does it work?", "how does it work?" and "what makes it better than a different (or cheaper) detection device?" Using the DD1206 as our example we've answered those questions in a three part blog series starting with "does it work?"
Will this find hidden spy gear in my house that is recording me?

The short answer is yes. The slightly longer answer is that the DD1206 will find any transmitting RF signal (Bluetooth, Wi-fi, GSM and DECT up to 2480Mhz) within a 6 foot radius of the device. It doesn't understand which of these signals a 'safe' signal and which is a 'spy' signal. Therefore when you begin working with a DD1206 to find a potential bug or hidden camera it's important to turn off all safe transmitting devices nearby. This includes your phone, router, wifi capable computers and components. You may even want to turn off smart appliances like refrigerators and InstaPots as these have been known to confuse a user. Then, if you find a signal coming from an unexpected place – under a desk or inside a lamp, do a physical search to locate a suspicious mic, lens, or wiring. 

The DD1206 will find any transmitting RF signal (Bluetooth, Wi-fi, GSM etc) within a 6 foot radius of itself. To be most effective turn off all “safe” transmitting devices nearby like your phone, tablet, router, computer and appliances.