Speed Up Bug Detection with Delta X

KJB Security Blog

In this fast moving wireless world, it’s impossible to really know if our private conversations and moments are protected from prying eyes and listening ears.  If you are professionally tasked with securing private locations for clients, or if you are interested in protecting your own environment, consider the Delta X countermeasures system.  This constantly updating RF threat detection system is just what you need to quickly and easily scan your environment for dynamically evolving wireless threats. 

Prior to the Delta X, it was extremely challenging for a non-tech individual to interpret the various signals intercepted by a professional RF bug detector. You needed a solid foundation in RF spectrum theory, classroom training,  and years of in-the-field experience.  The Delta X has been described as the “Easy Button” for counter surveillance bug sweeps.  With minimal training and a little effort, you can confidently scan any environment for rogue RF transmitters that could be leaking your private and confidential information. 

What differentiates the Delta X from other RF sniffing devices is that the hard technical work is done for you through the custom proprietary software library that enables you to quickly identify signals and mark them as safe.  RF detection in our wireless world has become increasingly difficult simply because virtually everything can transmit a signal. Bug hunting is simply a process of elimination and the Delta X’s vast library of known signals helps you rapidly check each device off your potential threats list. 

The Delta X can scan the entire spectrum from 9kHz to 6 GHz and up to 12GHz on the upgraded model in 2 to 4 seconds. The price point of the Delta X RF detection devices put it in a competitive position to dominate the technical countermeasures market while providing the best in class, highly stable platform, and after-the-sale support. Reach out to us today for more information on the Delta X products so you can start securing what matters most.