These Three Scenarios Call for a Long Term GPS Tracking Solution

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These Three Scenarios Call for a Long Term GPS Tracking Solution

You know you need a long term GPS tracking solution when. . .

When you're shipping an important asset like a car or yacht across the country. Want to make sure the movers you contracted with are taking your precious cargo to the right place? Then pop a long-life battery tracker on your asset just before they pull off your property with it. When using a long-life GPS tracker like iTrail Endurance, it's easy to watch your yacht sail across the states from the iTrail app.

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When you're suspicious your teen or spouse might be lying about their whereabouts but you need time to build your evidence. If you need weeks and months to establish a pattern then a long-life battery powered tracker is the easiest solution. Once the GPS tracker is attached to the vehicle you won't have to return to charge it days later. In standby mode the tracker can run for almost year. With normal driving patterns, a GPS tracker like iTrail Endurance can run for several weeks to several months.

When you need to monitor employees in company vehicles. No matter what terrain your employees are driving over, the magnets attaching GPS tracker iTrail Endurance to your company car are next to impossible to dislodge. With 80 pounds of magnetic force your long-life battery GPS tracker will stay attached through rain, snow, sleet and dark of night. With geo-fencing and driving alerts you can monitor all your company vehicles' whereabouts from one app. If an employee is on an extended project away from corporate offices the long battery life of iTrail Endurance will keep pinging the iTrail app with no need to remove and recharge the tracker.

Regardless of the GPS tracker you choose keep in mind that when shopping for a long-life GPS solution experience in the GPS market matters. While a $9.99 tracker might seem like a easy quick fix, you could end up paying much more than that in headache and lost time when the tracker stops working and subject is 3 states away. Itrail has been a leader in GPS tracking for nearly two decades. All iTrail trackers can be monitored through the easy to use iTrail app and Endurance trackers come with 6 month and 12 month pre-paid tracking plans.

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