Order Support

KJB Security Products has been in business since 2002. For over 14 years, we have been the leading wholesale distributor & drop shipper of spy and surveillance equipment in the world. Since day one we have been drop shipping our products for our dealers, providing same day service and exceptional product quality standards. We only sell wholesale, never retail, so we made it easy to become a certified dealer for us. KJB will never be your competition, we just provide you with top quality security products along with top quality customer service and dropship service.

The Best Of All USA Dropship Companies For Over 14 Years

We carry over 250 security & surveillance products including our own SleuthGear family of products designed and assembled in our own facility in Nashville, TN. In addition, we have a recurring revenue line of GPS tracking products.

For drop shipping, there is no order minimum requirements, we ship one product or one hundred products and only charge published shipping charges for shipping fees, additional handling fees may apply. We encourage you to learn about our products so you can provide assistance to your customers, however we do provide technical support for our products at no cost to you.

What does it cost to become a Dealer for KJB Security?

Absolutely nothing! We don't charge anything to set you up as a dealer, and as soon as you are an approved dealer we can start to drop shipping orders for you the same day. As a valued dealer, we provide marketing materials for our branded products, updated best sellers list and product information & images. We have over 95% in stock all the time with over 99% accuracy on shipping the products.

As a drop shipping customer, it's easy for you to start your business once you have your ecommerce business. You don't have to worry about building or location overhead, inventory overhead, employees or scaling up costs, that's what we do for you.

Drop Shipping Wholesaler Benefits

  • You don't have to stock any products
  • You don't have to buy any shipping products or supplies
  • Easy to scale
  • You have no overhead costs
  • You don't pay for a product until you have sold it
  • You don't pay any commission of any sales, you get to keep all you collect from your customers
  • No minimum order amount
  • Drop ship order confirmation with an order's tracking number
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Orders received by 3pm CST Monday-Friday are shipped the same day 2

How To Start A Wholesale Dropship Account With KJB Security

All you need to do before we start to dropship for you is complete our Dealer Application and provide the documents requested. Once approved you can place your orders online. Payments for orders can be via credit card or PayPal payments. When your order is shipped you can be notified by email of the tracking number and every day you place an order you will receive a copy of your invoice for each one at the end of the day. Fill Out Our Dealer Application Today!