Lens Finders

Finding a hidden camera before it starts transmitting is the ultimate counter surveillance move. Lens finders are able to find a hidden cameras lens whether the camera is working or not, whether it is powered on or off. When high powered IR sensors light up they reflect off the cameras lens. A slow sweep of the space will reveal the hidden camera lens as a bright red dot when looking through the lens finder's focal point.

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PRO Camera Finder

Item# DD1200

The removal of a hidden camera threat is made easier with this durable, professional grade camera lens finder. The DD1200 is the highest grade camera lens finder available and was designed specifically to remove hidden camera that other detectors cannot find. The high powered adjustable LED's enable long and short range camera lens detection beyond what any other lens finder is capable.

Spy Finder Pro

Item# SF-103P

The SpyFinder Pro is a lightweight battery powered device that allows you to quickly identify and locate a camera by using an array of ultra-bright LED's. When the camera is found it is highlighted to the user, where it appears as a flickering bright spot of light. The SpyFinder will find any hidden camera transmitting or not. It’s so small you can carry it in your purse, suitcase or briefcase to have it with you at all time.