RF / GPS Detection

Detect all manner of spying devices such as GPS trackers, listening devices, bluetooth and wifi bugs and hidden cameras. From handheld detectors to larger room sweeps our RF and GPS detectors can guarantee to find out if someone is spying on you, following you, or listening to your conversations.

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PRO-10G Cell Phone and GPS Bug Detector

Item# DD804

When you need a detection device that is capable of honing in on a hidden camera, GPS tracker, or a tapped land line, look no further. The DD804 offers more than one feature for zeroing in on your threats so that you are armed with the ability to remove them.

KJB Security

LawGrade Defender Simple 10GHZ

Item# DD802

When you need a detection device that offers simple operation matched with quality performance, the DD802 Defender is the perfect choice. Equipped with both RF detection and a camera lens finder, this handheld device is capable of finding transmitting and non-transmitting video surveillance devices.


LawMate Pocket RF Detector

Item# RD-30

The RD-30 is an updated version of the popular RD-10. The tiny multi-functional RF detection device is equipped with the ability to find transmitting and non-transmitting cameras. Small enough to take anywhere, this handy tool is the perfect surveillance sweep companion.


RF Detector Device Simple

Item# DD3100

The DD3100 is the smallest multifunctional RF detection device available. Equipped with the ability to find transmitting and non-transmitting cameras, this handy tool is the perfect surveillance sweep companion that is just small enough to take anywhere.


iProtect Detection Wand

Item# DD1215

The iProtect 1215 brings powerful handheld detection to the DIY user. Conventional RF detectors are typically capable of discovering signals up to 4-6 GHz. Higher frequencies generally stay unstudied during sweeping procedures, unless you've invested in an expensive spectrum analyzer. This small, handheld microwave pointer-probe extends the checked frequency range during sweeping procedures up to 13 GHz.


iProtect RF Wireless Signal Detector Wand

Item# DD12051

The iProtect RF detection wand, easily fits in user hand to conceal action while sweeping for bugs of different types. Perfect fit for both professional and novice users, simple to use, and allows operator to locate the source. Keep your conversations to yourself with the RF Detector wand.