GPS Accessories

We choose our GPS tracking accessories to make attaching or using your GPS tracker as hassle-free as possible. Extra cases and magnetic attachment cases make adding a GPS tracker to your vehicle or asset a snap.

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iTrail GPS Logger Magnetic Case

Item# E1060

The E1060 is a small sized Magnetic Weather Resistant Case designed specifically to fit the iTrail GPS Logger.


Case W/ 1-35LB Magnet

Item# E1050

The E1050 is a medium sized Weather Proof Magnetic Case with a 35LB magnet designed to keep any contents dry and secure to metal surfaces.


USB Hard Wired Power Cable

Item# GPS935

This cable and USB port will connect to your car's 12V power. Designed for use with iTrail Solo GPS900 and GPS910.


Roc Box Magnetic Stash Box

Item# E1090

Are your shoppers looking for the ultimate box to stash keys, valuables or their GPS? This ultra-powerful, dual-magnet GPS device case and stash box delivers incredible results! You will have the ultimate peace of mind knowing this pro-grade container will be securely attached to any magnetic surface no matter what the weather condition. A tight weatherproof seal surrounds the perimeter of the lid and body making it buoyant, crushproof, dustproof and smell proof. Your GPS Tracking device or other small, valuable item will have the highest level of protection available against corrosion or moisture damage thanks to the sturdy and waterproof design. Use it anywhere, even in the harshest of conditions!