Thermal Scanners

Thermal scanners can measure the body temperatures of individuals in a group in just a few seconds. Perfect for a crowded lobby or checking body temps at a multi-door entrance such as a school or workplace. 

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KJB Security

Industrial Hands Free Body Thermometer Pro

Item# TMT3

New and improved TMT3. Commercial Temperature scanning is essential to get back to work. Our hands-free, infrared body scanning thermometer can make complying to national guidelines easy and affordable. Scan all your employees' body temperature quickly and efficiently.

KJB Security

Touchless Thermometer with Hand Sanitizer Station


New and Improved! CDC recommends taking all temperatures upon entering any establishment. Our Touchless Thermometer has a built-in hand sanitizer station that sanitizes and checks temperature all in one place. Just walk up and put your hand under the device; seconds later you are safe to enter a building.