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With regular life interrupted by the pandemic we turned our attention to a new kind of protection - cameras and scanners that monitor temperature and fever, track mask wearing and promote physical safety in public spaces. Our thermal scanning cameras and thermometers can be purchased separately or bundled together to create all-in-one safety kiosks.

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KJB Security

Touchless Thermometer with Hand Sanitizer Station


New and Improved! CDC recommends taking all temperatures upon entering any establishment. Our Touchless Thermometer has a built-in hand sanitizer station that sanitizes and checks temperature all in one place. Just walk up and put your hand under the device; seconds later you are safe to enter a building.

KJB Security

Desktop Mounting Stand for TMT2


Desktop Mounting Stand for Body Temperature Scanner TMT2. Easily assemble and install your Temperature Scanning Camera for use with the Desktop Mounting Stand.

KJB Security

TMT2 Adjustable Tripod Stand

Item# TMT2TP

Use this rugged, adjustable tripod mounting stand to place your TMT2 Body Temperature Scanner Camera anywhere in your office or school.

KJB Security

Adjustable Tripod mount for the TMT2 Wall Mount


When you want to move your Wall Mounted Body Temperature Scanner to a free-standing location use this rugged, adjustable tripod stand to securely station it anywhere.

KJB Security

Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Item# HSD

Our Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser can attach directly to the TMT2 Stand, or hang on the wall as a stand alone unit. Featuring extra sanitation via UV light for disinfecting.

KJB Security

Tripod Stand for TMT3 and TMT3HS

Item# TMT3TP

When you don't want to hang your device on the wall this optional tripod stand is quick and easy to install.