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Rabbler Noise Generator Kit

Item# DD1030

Protection just got 4xs better with this rapid deployment kit. Protect from eavesdropping using the NG3000. The Rabbler creates an additional barrier of noise interference making it possible to mask your conversation when confidentiality is necessary.

KJB Security

White Noise Generator Kit

Item# DD1010

4 X the protection from eavesdropping! The J1000 is an economical handheld, battery operated White Noise Generator. The J1000 (AJ-34) creates an additional barrier of noise interference, making it possible to mask your conversation when confidentiality is necessary. Protects your sensitive room conversations by generating a random masking sound which desensitizes any near-by microphone.


iProtect 3 Channel White Noise Generator

Item# DNG2300

The DNG-2300 is designed to prevent listening though devices that cannot be detected by conventional countermeasures and installed around the perimeter of a room – wired wall microphones, contact microphones, AC outlet transmitters and window systems based on the reflection of laser/infrared/microwave beams. It is an excellent addition to high level countermeasures.

8GB Wristwatch PCM Voice Recorder

Item# D1309
This waterproof voice recorder is designed to look like an average smart watch. With Voice Operated Recording and Voice Level selection plus selectable recording quality sensitivity it can record up to 33 hours depending on recording mode chosen.

USB Style Voice Recorder

Item# D1420

This product has been Discontinued. 

Hair Tie Voice Recorder

Item# D1425

Easy to use voice recorders are great and affordable for recording important notes, lectures and meeting. Easily charge the built-in battery using a USB charging port.