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KJB Security

Tabletop Room Anti-Recorder

Item# NG3700
This table-top, medium to large room anti-recorder creates 360º of ultrasonic intereference. It's unstoppable against hidden video, surveillance cameras, pen recorders, and cell phones. With a rechargeable battery and simple on/off power switch your business meetings and negotiations can be kept private in a snap.
KJB Security

Small Room Anti-Recorder

Item# NG3600
Block mobile phones from recording as well as voice and video surveillance. The table-top sized anti-recorder creates an ultrasonic 360º field of interference to keep phone conversations, video meetings and in person meetings private. Ultrasonic intereference distorts voice and video transmissions so that they cannot be restored after the fact.

Power Bank Style Anti-Recorder

Item# NG3500
This silent ineterference noise jammer is disguised as a working power bank for mobile devices. It can stop recording of hidden and non-hidden cameras as well as listening devices and phones.

Summit- Multi Phone Safe

Item# NG4200

Protect important or sensitive conversations from eavesdropping cell phones! Obviously, mobile phones have an infinite number of benefits for communication and business; however, they also create certain threats of private or trade secrets information being leaked. One of the potential leakage channels is the phone's microphone as it can pick up conversations without anyone’s knowledge. The SUMMIT-PHONE SAFE has been developed by iProtect information security professionals to protect against this exact type of threat.


Acoustic Noise Generator

Item# ANG2200

Designed to create a perimeter of protection around any building for the purpose of defending against common eavesdropping threats, the ANG2200 is a sophisticated counter surveillance system that has been proven by experienced professionals to successfully protect the privacy of any conversation. (The purchase of TRN's and OMS is required for optimal use)


ANG2200 Transducer

Item# TRN2000

Used specifically with the ANG2200, the TRN is a transducer designed to inject white noise into walls, ceilings, windows, plumbing, and air ducts masking the listening and recording capabilities of eavesdropping equipment. (optional window mounts are available)


Transducers per Noise Generator

  • 4 @ full level (parallel)
  • 12 @ 1/2 level (six groups of two)
  • 18 @ 1/3 level (six groups of three)