The right cable or memory card can make all the difference in the field when a surveillance operation is under way. 

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KJB Security

DC Power Adaptor for DP-210 / DP-210WH


This DC power adaptor is ideal for those that would like to move the Vehicle Black Box Car Camera between vehicles without the need to constantly relocate the DC power cable.

KJB Security

DIY Battery + USB Adapter


Capture footage for longer periods of time. While Battery Operated Cameras are extremely convenient, adaptable and portable. Depending on the job, traffic and timeframe an extended battery will most likely be needed to stay operational for longer periods of time. Rechargeable Battery. Power provided by the DIY Battery + USB Adapter produces up to 18 Hours of continuous recording from the wireless hidden camera system.


7hr Battery for LawMate PV-500 Series

Item# A1039

Need more battery life for your LawMate PV-500 Series? purchase the A1039 for 7 hours of battery life. You can also purchase an external charger A1042 to keep one charged and ready at all times.


Three Hour Battery for LawMate PV-500 Series

Item# A1038

When you need more than one battery for your LawMate PV-500 series handheld dvr. You can hot swap it for the battery in the unit. You can also buy an external charger to keep one charged and ready at all time - see A1042.



Xtreme Life 90 Day Rechargeable Battery

Item# A1029

Xtreme Life Hidden Cameras run on rechargeable battery power . Power provided by the A1029 produces up to 90 days of life to your Xtreme Life hidden camera system.