Camera/DVR Sets

Pairing cameras and DVRs together means that you have a seamless solution for monitoring and recording video in the field. From a hidden wearable camera to a standalone DVR/Camera unit these sets cover all applications of video recording. Some cameras can even be built into household appliances to design your own hidden cameras. DVRs record at crystal clear high resolution so that you never miss a minute of evidence.

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LawMate DIY P2P 4K DVR Kit

Item# PV-DY40UW
Make your own hidden video camera with this DIY 4K camera and DVR kit. Includes charging cord and 128GB memory card.

LawMate DIY P2P Wide Angle Lens DVR Kit

Item# PV-DY40UWW
Make your own hidden video device with this LawMate DVR Kit. The wide angle captures more evidence in 4K video.  Comes with a  charging cord and 128GB memory card.

Wired Covert Button Camera

Item# CM-BU20

This Wired analog input CMOS camera comes with lens covers so you can diquse the camera as a button on your shirt, jacket or anywhere you have a button.

KJB Security

Pole Inspection Camera

Item# VPC

Our VPC video Pole Camera System Kit is a great solution for portable, DIY and professional inspection of hard to reach spaces. The flexible hose-like telescopic pole design allows for tough angle adjustments and gives you 360-degree access in almost any difficult-to-see location or a 120-degree ultra wide view using the wide-angle lens option. Once you've reached your desired camera location, you can watch the inspection in crystal clear HD video footage on the included 7 inch LCD Screen.

Smart Phone DVR plus Button Camera

Item# PDV-900BU

Use a regular, functioning smart phone to secretly record video. This refurbished Android phone (included) comes installed with a proprietary app that can record under any condition such as screen lock on, dialing, or running another app. Use the secret recording software to record video with the phone's camera or with the included hidden button camera. Perfect for investigators and detectives that don't have space to use a hidden DVR and camera combo.

KJB Security

1080P Webcam

Item# W8

Working from home is becoming more common but not all desktops and laptops come equipped with cameras. This economical webcam is the perfect addition to your home office or homeschool classroom.